We’ve all been there. The MD’s in a hotel 3 hours from the office and has a tech failure whilst a client deadline is approaching – in this case a laptop. Of course, as the visit Nick’s on is client relations, he’s not carrying any spare parts or tools.

When we recommend hardware purchases – it’s based on experience and that’s true for our internal equipment too. Ultimately, it’s a cost/benefit ratio – the £300 laptop will give you X benefits, and the £2000 laptop will give you Y benefits. If you don’t need Y benefits, the £300 laptop will win. But even then, there’s every possibility of a bad batch of laptops, a random failure, or accidental damage.

We rate our support on how fast we’re able to respond; and if we’re not able to immediately fix the problem, we look for appropriate workarounds for the end user that allows them to carry on doing what they need to do. In this case, Nick’s laptop keyboard has failed and he needed it this evening. Ultimately, we’ve found more and more than our supply chain isn’t carrying stock in the UK – it’s just not possible to go down to a local shop and purchase a new specific keyboard anymore.

In this case, our support team took the approach that providing a USB keyboard & the specialist screwdrivers necessary to Nick was the best workaround. We looked to Amazon PrimeNow to get the parts and screwdrivers shipped directly to Nick’s hotel, and one of our technical team was on hand to support the process.

It’s not pretty, but it’s working – and then as soon as he’s back down South, we’ll be able to provide a permanent repair. We’ll always take the same approach with our clients – getting an acceptable temporary solution now is key.

Kyle Williamson is Technical Director at Verstech Limited.