We were delighted to join the Pebble Beach team for the first of one of their new “pop-up” events – this time, “KOSHI”, a seven-course pop-up Japanese tasting experience. For me, this was the first time I’ve ever really done a “tasting menu” so I went in with no preconceptions, with guest chef Bruno Coccarelli working with the usual Pebble Beach kitchen brigade. Pebble Beach is generally a fish/french restaurant, and this was very much a departure from the usual fare.

The food… was to put it simply. outstanding. For me, having never experienced a tasting menu before, the first few courses were quite small and very light. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, although Paull, who has more experience in this type of food concept assured me that I wouldn’t be going home hungry – and he was right!

Over the seven courses, it was a flavour awakening – every single taste bud, every texture. Bitter, Sweet, Savoury, Spicy – all in there. On a single plate, it would have been extraordinarily overpowering – but across 7 courses, with a timely delay between each, it was perfect. By the end, I was totally satisfied, full but without feeling I’d overeaten. The presentation of the dishes was just right too, and I was particularly impressed that the waiting staff brought the Ramen Soup broth around separately – and poured to personal taste – a little touch that just added to the overall experience.


Apple Gyosa & Salted Misa Caramel

My favorite course of the experience was the pudding – Apple Gyosa & Salted Misa Caramel. Of course, the nights are drawing in and winter is taking hold; and this dessert, late in the evening (about 10:30pm) it totally conjured up a feeling of home comforts at Christmas. Absolutely just right at the end of a great evening.

Pebble Beach is one of those places where the atmosphere can lead to several hours gone by without really noticing, and KOSHI was no exception. We arrived at 7, and left at 11 – without really realising where four hours had gone – it’s just one of those totally relaxing places.

We were delighted, and hope we’ll see more of this type of event from the team in the future (and this one again, of course :)).

Kyle Williamson is Techncial Director at Verstech Limited. He’s also (apparently) becoming a Foodie