Yes, Markets are uncertain right now. Brexit is a confusing mess, and nobody’s quite sure what tomorrow will bring.

But that’s the point, during times of uncertainty and challenge we need to step up our game – not hunker down. During the greatest periods of uncertainty and challenge in the last century (World War II) we developed technology & enhanced medical science at a pace not seen before or since. And it’s time for Britain to bring on the Dunkirk Spirit again – when we come out of the EU at some point in the next few years, we need to be the best – we need to be on top of the world, not a country that’s done nothing apart from argue for two years.

The best way for a post Brexit Britain to say “we’re open for business” and trade with us, will be, despite all the doom and gloom, for us to stand up and offer the world something – we’re the market leaders in “widget development” – despite possible punitive tariffs levied elsewhere, businesses around the world will still buy widgets from us – because they are the best, or they are produced cheaper than elsewhere, or another good reason to trade with Britain.

It’s not doom and gloom – as we enter 2017 it’s time to challenge everything we do, get better at it, and be the best at it in the world. We can do it, we’ve done it, and it’s time to carry on and do it again.

With the shameless plug here, from a technical point of view, we can help. We’ve worked with businesses across the country to reduced overheads, improve manufacturing and drive the bottom line up. Make your new year’s resolution to drop us a line and see – we’ll never charge for just having a chat.

Kyle Williamson is Technical Director at Verstech Limited. He’s a bit sick of unnecessary doom and gloom..