When I set out to write a blog here, it was never intended to be a “foodie” blog. That said, as a business, we do have a wide range of clients that are in the hospitality industries: gift vouchers, ePOS and all the trimmings (if you’ll excuse the pun).

We recently undertook a small ePOS deployment for Pebble Beach’s new “Fish & Chips Fridays” venture, whereby they are using the events/shop space next door to the restaurant as a takeaway/pop up restaurant for fish and chips. And when I say fish and chips, I mean real fish and chips – real cod!

On Tuesday, we were invited out for the “soft opening” of the new venture, and we were delighted to see the space being used in a different way. Pierre Chevillard has recently moved into the role of Executive Chef from Head Chef, and as part of this, is heading up the new venture. And oh wow – freshly caught fish that literally melts in your mouth, and chips that are homemade. At £8.95 for a takeaway portion, it’s definitely on the pricey side of Fish & Chips – but like all food coming out of PB’s Kitchen, it’s totally worth the difference.

It’s always a surprise to us when we do ePOS that every venue is slightly different on setup; despite most hospitality businesses seemingly operating in the same way, from a technology point of view, it’s always a custom deployment. From having drinks sent to the bar, to coffees to a dedicated coffee serving station etc. – and the requirements are often not very well understood. For this deployment, we had to create a system that was complementary to the existing ePOS and share some resources (printers), but also operate by itself. We’re delighted with the end result, and we wish the team the best of luck with the new venture.

Kyle Williamson is Technical Director at Verstech Limited. Apparently he’s now writing a foodie blog.