Abuse complaints should be emailed to [email protected].


Who we are

We’re a provider of IT Services alongside telecommunications and other similar technology services. We’re gutted to hear that you’re not 100% happy, and we’ll do everything we can to put it right. The steps below are only a guide – but if you feel the need to complain to us, it’s the best route to follow to resolve matters quickly.

Account Cancellations

The minimum term for any of our services is outlined in your contractual documentation. If you need a copy, please contact [email protected], who will be happy to oblige.

. If you need to cancel before this minimum period, we’ll do our best to minimise your losses if we can, but we reserve the right to bill for the full unexpired term of the contract.

Disconnections and cancellation

Unfortunately, we do reserve the right to suspend and cancel services if the contract allows us to do; for instance, if you do not make payment due.

Complaints Procedure

At each stage, the person recieving the complaint will acknowledge you within 24 working hours. They’ll outline what they intend to do and how long they think it will take.

If at any stage, you’re not happy with the outcome, you’re freely able to take it to the next level of our complaints procedure

1. The initial complaint

If this is about a service call, or an issue where you’ve been dealing direct with one of our team, please let them know you’re not happy and what we can do to put it right. Informally, this is usually the best way to resolve issue.

2. Your Account Manager

If it’s not a specific call or you’re not happy with the response to 1), the next step is to contact your Account Manager using your normal contact details. They’ll be able to understand what’s happened, and work for a resolution with you.

3. Our Directors

If you’re not happy with the response from Your Account Manager, please drop our Directors a line on [email protected] explaining why you’re still not happy with the outcome. You may be contacted by another employee (not your account manager or the initial call handler) who the Director might ask to look at your complaint

4. Deadlock Letter

If we’re not able to mutually come to a resolution, we will offer a deadlock letter that will allow you to take further action and involve third parties. To date, in many years of trading, we’ve never reached this point – but it’s good to know it’s there if you need it.