We designed and implemented structured cabling & CCTV on a very rural Foresty Commission site in Gloucestershire, and now provide ongoing telecoms & broadband with 24/7 monitoring from our UK Network Operations Centre. The implementation works were completed during a complete rebuild project working under a principal contractor’s Construction and Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM).

The Challenge

Verstech were engaged to design and implement a structured cabling & CCTV solution for this stunning new build Foresty Commission building in the Forest of Dean, with provision for broadband & telecoms. The client’s requirements included implementation alongside a complete building rebuild, allowing the tenant to take over immediately following practical completion.

The major challenge for this project was broadband connectivity; the client had a requirement for remote viewing of CCTV & provision of public WiFi. However, this area suffers from non-existent mobile phone signal, and has very limited ADSL capacity. The site is also located five miles from the nearest BT cabinet, thereby meaning that the installation of a leased line would be cost prohibitive.


Broadband ConnectivityVery quickly, it was obvious that ‘standard’ solutions were not going to work – Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) was not available, ADSL is available to the site, but due to the distance from the exchange (even with a multi-line bundled solution) was inadequate. There is little mobile phone signal on the site, and thereby we needed to look further afield. Having worked through the options, we looked to Tooway – satellite broadband with ADSL backup with a managed failover router, achieving speeds of 22mbps down and 6mbps up, thereby meeting the business requirements. We managed the Tooway & BT Openreach installation processes remotely.


Whilst on site, we were additionally engaged to design a background audio system for the café which was implemented by others. Overall, we met the client’s objectives in ensuring they could open with all services in place following practical completion.