iBoatnames is a new entry to the marketplace, providing a range of boat decals & graphics to boat owners, with a production line in Hampshire. The web presence is not only the “shop window”, it is the whole shop, and it was important for the brand and web alignment to reflect this. Our brief was to activate a new brand, and redevelop an online text designer that was truly multi-platform and mobile.

The Challenge

It’s said the browser wars are over – and web browsers are truly compatible with each other. That’s both true and false – yes, on the desktops, browsers are fairly interchangeable. But in 2017, you have to consider mobile devices – tablets & phones. More individuals access the web on a mobile device than on a desktop, and therefore it’s an important market. Accessing information on a phone? Sure. But being able to design a product on a 4″ screen? – It’s a whole different ballgame.

Our Approach

Our Creative Team developed the brand concept, working within the client’s ideal request for a “fresh, clean and premium” branding. From the branding process, we then designed a HTML5 text designer sat on top of Woocommerce/Wordpress. We took this approach to reduce cost for the client, both short term and long term – Woocommerce is externally supported and continually updated. We also implemented ApplePay, leading to supported users being able to make an order and pay for it within 30 seconds. To implement the text design element, we took the very specific requirements of the client, and built a responsive, HTML5 WordPress plugin to make it happen.


Overall, we’re very proud with the result – and we are delighted that the complex user interface works as well on mobile as on the desktop.