All the people we work with are special to us. We’re proud (and we hope our customers are to), when we say they are part of the Verstech Family. But there are causes that are really close to our hearts, and where there are, we’re really proud to do our bit for our community. And LEAF is one of those causes. If you read Natasha’s story, it’s impossible not to be awed & inspired – how you can come back from something so life changing like leukaemia and be so inspired to go on and help others. We were delighted to work with LEAF to refresh their web presence, and migrate them to Office 365.

The Challenge

A web presence for a charity needs to engage equally with a huge number of different stakeholders. Trustees, Volunteers, Donators, Funders, Local Authorities, other partners – the list goes on. Whilst the content plan was clear from the outset, how to appeal to each of these wasn’t.

Office 365 migrations have their own challenges too. Often, we find in small organisations email for different users has been handled in different ways. The biggest challenge to overcome with Office 365 Migrations at this level is getting together historical email – it’s often on different laptops, phones, mail servers, or other devices.

Our Approach

Our Creative Team put together a concept, based on the existing LEAF brand and Natasha’s Personal Story. We then conducted research around key features of charity sites, and concluded that adding extra functionality like a Credit Card “DONATE NOW” button was well in the interests of the charity. From our specialist sector knowledge, we were also aware of the requirement to allow the recovering of Gift Aid on such donations and we made sure that the correct information is captured on checkout to support claiming of this valuable income stream. We saw the concept through to delivery.


The Verstech Team have been following LEAF and their work for a few years, and we were delighted to spend our Christmas Outing in 2016 at the LEAF 10th Anniversary Ball. However, overall, we’re really pleased with the visual results – and we’re even more delighted with being able to work with somebody so inspirational. We hope to revisit the LEAF project later in 2017 and add additional functionality, like online event ticket booking.