We consulted, designed and implemented a hosted telephony system which has allowed the business to work in a flexible capacity whilst also giving future expansion and features e.g. Hotel Billing, whilst significantly reducing the monthly cost. The main drivers for this project were:


  • Reduce the monthly spend on telephony to include inclusive calls rather than pay as you go basis.
  • Gain features of a modern telephone system e.g. IVR, Voicemail, Call Routing, Hunt Groups, External Access etc
  • Reduce physical hardware onsite
  • Reduce access to national and non-geographic chargeable numbers through pin code access

The Challenge

Given the fact that the phone system had to have a seamless handover from old system to the new, Verstech liaised with the company providing the SIP trunks and arranged for the phone lines to be transferred on a specific date. Verstech installed the hosted telephone system on site a week prior to go live date so that the business could try out the new technology and have some training pre go live. The users were encouraged to use the new phone system for internal calls and outgoing external calls.

Once the system had bedded in, and the users were happy with the functionality, the external lines were switched over and the new system was put into a go live state. Verstech then decommissioned the old ISDN telephone system.

Our Approach

Pebble Beach were using a telephone system which ran on expensive ISDN lines and was very quickly becoming a large business risk as the telephone system was no longer in support and sourcing parts for the aging system was becoming more and more of an issue.

Verstech were engaged to consult, design and implement a telephone system for Pebble Beach. The major challenges for this project was making sure that the new phone system was prioritised on the network so that voice calls remained uninterrupted, that the phone system was installed out of hours and that the changeover happened smoothly ensuring there was no downtime for the business, or its clients.


Hosted VoIP Telephony SystemVerstech provisioned a fully hosted and supported cloud based telephony system. The benefits to this type of system is that it is fully supported and can be made accessible from anywhere. There is a lot of business functionality which is included at no extra cost compared to competitor’s systems and it works on your current LAN (some configuration to prioritise network traffic may be required) over an internet connection.


We were able to deliver the client’s objectives on time and in budget, delivering a working solution allowing them new functionality and flexibility; whilst importantly providing a cost saving to the business.