Everything’s last minute these days. Birthday presents, wedding gifts – people just don’t have the time to go shopping anymore. When we developed a new web presence for Pebble Beach, we quickly ascertained that postal gift vouchers don’t cut it anymore, and a new instant method of delivery was necessary. Establishments like Groupon and Virgin Experience have a large stake in this market too; fast and easy are the order of the day.

The Challenge

Generating and emailing a PDF with a unique code is the easy bit; taking payment and aligning the business process is all together a tougher proposition. How can the establishment validate the voucher, ensure it’s not used twice, that it works with the till? Also a requirement is that it’s fast; time is money and payment has to be a quick process. Our teams needed to bring all these requirements together to make a positive impact.


As a business proposition, it’s estimated that 30% of gift vouchers are never used. From those that are, inevitability there will be further spend above and beyond the gift voucher. In it’s launch client, Vouchify was able to deliver a significant return to the business, exceeding development & implementation costs within a four-month time window. Across the Vouchify install base, we’ve also tracked conversion rates – when vouchers are used, the average spend is around 300% of the gift voucher. It’s win win.