You have an idea. You know you want to get somewhere. But how? Verstech’s team of consultants can help you achieve your vision / goal. Our team can help you successfully decide on the right technology for you, work with your users to scope requirements, or completely project managing a new install. Whatever your issue may be, the Verstech team will work with you to find clever and cost effective solutions to your problems.

Technology is a confusing world. Both Google and Apple launched their mobile application stores in 2008 – within 2 years, they became multi-billion dollar operations. Technology is full of different options and conflicting opinions. What’s right for your organisation? How does an organisation invest today for a good return tomorrow? Where is the organisation on the technology curve, and where does it want to be? How do we understand the Return on our Investment? Our technology consultants come from a wide background across the public, private & tertiary sectors – they understand the backgrounds but build on their industry knowledge by getting to know you.

Primarily, we want all our clients to use the technology they have, and the technology they are going to invest in as effectively as possible. These days, every business is an information business, but is risk management and organisation where it needs to be to move forward? What happens if the organisation suffers from under-the-bus-syndrome, sickness, illness? Every organisation has come from a different place, and has its own ideas about its future – sometimes that means technology that’s right for the business is already in place, but lacking well understood processes, and sometimes that means new technology required – or perhaps a mix of the two.

Our consulting services bring clarity in a changing world, and work with organisations to come up with the answers.

Nick Wallom - Managing Director

“Focus on the end user, and a solution will appear. Our Consultants always put your end user first, after all, they are the people who are on the front line dealing with your customers.”

Kyle Williamson – Technical Director

“We believe that IT and strategic plans go hand in hand – IT as both as an enabler of what the organisation wants to achieve – through reduced costs and increased productivity but also a driver – new platforms like mobile application stores bring new opportunities for every organisation”



We can help you with any aspect of your technology requirements. Looking to migrate to a new infrastructure, carry out a desktop refresh, implement a new system, design a bespoke system? Our team of technical consultants can help you plan, manage, build and support your new solution.


Looking to implement a new solution? Not sure which product to choose? Our Consultants will work with you to find a solution which works for you. We will help you build a set of requirements to go to the market with or recommend solutions and coordinate supplier demonstrations so you can see the product in action.


Your users are your best source of requirements gathering, after all, they use your systems day in day out. In our opinion systems which are designed around users are far more successful than developing using a standard waterfall model (requirement gathering and build). We can help you work with your key users to implement a solution which fits the business need, but more importantly fits with your users.


Our project management services help you ensure that projects are delivered on-time, to budget and most importantly; to specification. Out consultants are experienced in project management and can help you avoid major project pitfalls and manage the entire project if required.

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