Whether it be Business or IT support; Verstech has you covered.

We offer a complete technical help desk which can be accessed through email, telephone or via our customer portal. We also offer a complete Business Support function which can be used for any of your office admin or book keeping needs.

All our Support offerings are available on an ad-hoc, bespoke or timebank service to suit your needs.


Verstech operates a full helpdesk function. You are able to submit helpdesk tickets through a customer portal, by telephone or simply by just sending an email. Your helpdesk tickets will be dealt with professionally by one of our support team.

We have a range of support packages which all include access to our helpdesk. These support packages can be tailored to meet your individual business needs.


Support contracts which fit around your organisation. None of this 9-5 Monday to Friday rubbish. We work with you to define your core support hours and design a support contract which fits YOU! Through one monthly payment we can offer desktop support, server support, application support (please contact us for a list of supported applications), bespoke service support. We are able to offer bespoke support services on-site and remotely depending on the support issue.


Sometimes you don’t need a monthly support commitment, but your business still requires responsive help. Our time bank services offer you the opportunity to buy a block of support hours with a monthly statement breakdown. We will let you know how many hours you have used each month and deduct these off of a pre-purchased set of support hours. We are able to offer time bank support services on-site and remotely depending on the support issue.

Ad-hoc IT Support

Stuck with a small problem? Don’t feel that you need to arrange a monthly support contract or purchase a bank of support hours? Our Ad-hoc support may be the perfect solution for you. We can offer you one-off support for the times when you might just need a quick helping hand. We are able to offer ad-hoc support services on-site and remotely depending on the support issue.


We know that it can sometimes be difficult to juggle all aspects of a business when you’re small. We’ve been there. We can offer some relief in the form of Payroll, Bookkeeping, General Admin Support and Training. We have a dedicated team with specialisms in all of these areas who provide these services.


Our team work with a variety of software packages when it comes to payroll. We can either work using your current software or we can provide complete outsourced payroll services. We work with a variety of software packages e.g. Sage Payroll, BrightPay and offer a very competitive rate for payroll services. We are experienced in Pension Auto-enrollment and by using our outsourced payroll service you will always be covered under the latest legislation.


Our team are very experienced with bookkeeping and can offer a wide range of services such as:

  • General Bookkeeping
  • VAT Returns
  • End of year tax self-assessment


Our team has a lot of office experience! Need a spreadsheet creating? Not sure what to do with that word document? Have some meeting minutes which need writing up? We can pretty much help with anything which is general office administration.


Verstech has a dedicated Training Director. With over 25 years’ experience in the training field we can offer Recruitment, Sales, HR, IT and Soft Skills training. Our team have supported large recruitment firms with their training needs and have provided train the trainer training for bespoke applications developed by third parties.




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