Tried reducing your communication costs and ended up in a five year contract? Inhouse, we provide Telephone Lines, ADSL, Cable, Bonded Connections, Fibre, Leased Line, Satellite Broadband, Mobile Broadband, on premises Voice Over IP (VOIP), Hosted VOIP & Mobile Phones with contracts starting from as little as 30 days – with enhanced Service Level Agreements and enhanced security.



Plain & Simple Telephone Network – the vast majority of UK telephone lines use this technology. We are able to provide competitive business & residential line rental with additional service level agreements ensuring that a fast responsive can be received; instead of waiting 3 days for a BT engineer. Our contracts start from 30 days.


Integrated Services Digital Network – originally used for internet access, and now more used for telephone systems, ISDN provides between 2 and 30 digital channels for voice use. Whilst we no longer recommend ISDN for new telephone systems, we are able to take over working lines on a competitive basis.


All Internet Services are based on availability at any particular premises and the speeds achieved are very dependent on environment factors.


ADSL is BT’s basic broadband service, available to 99% of premises in the UK. We offer a wide range of different ADSL products depending on budget & use case starting from as little as £10+VAT per month. We can offer contracts from only 30 days.

Maximum Download Speed: 24mbps

FTTC [Fibre to the Cabinet] & Cable

Through both BT & Virgin Media’s networks, we’re able to offer competitive Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband Services. ADSL technology and the speeds achieved are very dependent on the distance between the premises and the local telephone exchange, the longer the distance, the lower the speed. FTTC moves the equipment from the exchange to a roadside cabinet. We can offer contracts from only 30 days.

Maximum Download Speed: 300mbps.


Where one connection just isn’t enough, often in areas where FTTC is not yet available, we can provide bonded connections where two or more lines work together in parallel to provide a faster internet connection.


Where neither FTTC nor ADSL will meet the needs of the organisation, we can arrange for fibre optic cable to be run directly to the building. This will often represent a significant investment, and before deciding on this route, it’s important to consider whether options (such as Bonded Connections) can meet the needs more cost effectively.


In extra rural locations, ADSL or FTTC are unlikely to be available. If they are, speeds are likely to be poor and the installation costs of a leased line are likely to be excessive. Satellite offers a relativity cheap alternative which can provide speeds of up to 22mbps down. It is important to note that due to latency, end users experience will be somewhat different from other solutions.


Once considered an expensive alternative, for low use sites and homes, mobile broadband can now be very cost effective. With options from Pay as You Go through to very small contracts,


Voice over IP (VoIP) replaces traditional ISDN & PSTN phone lines with phone calls sent over the internet. This significantly reduces costs of both line rentals and calls whilst increasing flexibility [for instance, an additional line is provided through a software change rather than a physical installation]. VoIP works on existing network cabling, thereby removing the need to install additional telephone cables every time a user moves or is added. Other advantages can include significant reductions in international call costs, by provisioning virtual telephone lines in other countries as part of an overall system. Existing phone numbers can be ported into a VoIP system.

With VoIP there is a decision to be made between having on premises infrastructure and a hosted environment, where the VoIP Server is in a datacentre. The choice between them can be based around the number of internal vs external calls, the business use case, external internet connectivity and the structure and capacity of the existing network.

On Premises Voice over IP (VoIP)

Where internal calls exceed external, it makes more sense to maintain an onsite telephone system. This can be done whilst retaining the VoIP benefits and putting in place a system that is continually upgraded in software. These systems can include previously non cost effective options, such as IVR, voicemail, call recording, call reporting and others.


Verstech offer its own Hosted Voice Over IP platform, which is suitable for 1-unlimited users. The advantage of this type of system is that it allows for multi-site use without the traditional costs of systems such as BT Featurenet, This type of system also is more effective as supporting external users connecting to the telephone system.


For start-up businesses, we can offer Single Number Voice Over IP phone numbers starting from £4/mnth. This provides an excellent marketing capacity to new business; being able to publish a landline number in any UK geographical location rather than a personal landline or mobile number. This can be forwarded to a mobile, or a home office can have an additional phone working over the internet.


Our engineering staff have a long history of working with different BT technologies, such as ISDN, DACS, Home Highway, Business Highway and phone systems from BT, Nortel, Avaya, LG and others. If you’re looking for a new system maintainer, we can help.




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